Floating against the current of the Atlantic, Mind You disrupts the beat of Miami with a fury of sound that is as infectious, as it is satisfying to the nerve. Fast, heavy, and melodic, with no filler. Disciplined in the art of punk rock, Mind You shits through your ethernet cables to notify you of your existence.

  The band recently released their fourth studio recording, "The Rise", as they continue to perform with local and international acts such as Lagwagon, The Ataris, Agent Orange and more.

  Mind You is comprised of Jay Orriols, Victor Vega, Frank Traum and Danny Calzadilla. An organized group with a professional D.I.Y. ethic reminiscent of early Fat Wreck Chord and Dischord releases. They maintain creative control over a commercially viable discography by seeking professional recording quality supported by distribution support, sponsor support from local artist and screen printer The Shirt Series and live performances.